Media Makes Us Sick

from by Friction 57

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Another death on T.V. the news shows to me, another home burnt to the ground,
Every channel’s the same, the violent pictures remain, and I’m sickened by the sound…
A war over-seas, and a rampage by thieves, and a mother commits sin,
Another victim dies, and their family cries – I get to see it all again!

From 60 minutes to 20/20, all this shit all seems the same,
And I never seem to find a way to ignore all this pain,
In a world where misery ends up on the evening news,
Another reason for me to feel there’s nothing I can do…

I flip the channel again, just to see my friend, dying from his wounds…
Its hit close to home, and now I’m alone, my life living in ruins.
A media leader, prepares to feed, on the flesh of fresh victims,
Not coming to grips, with the garbage he spits, by exploiting others’ sins.

It sickens me to see the world from behind their cameras…
But they don’t quit and I don’t give a shit cause nobody else does.

It didn’t take long to realize, our world doesn’t make sense.
So I look deep inside where my thoughts hide, and try to find meaning again.
Every night a broadcast comes with which they can abuse
my mind and conscience with their one-sided point of view.

We’ve got to make our own decisions.
Refuse to be led by the hand.
No more can we be fed opinions,
I think its time to understand…

…that it doesn’t pay to believe their lies and worthless rhetoric.
In the end I hope we realize… so I state that the media makes us sick.


from Grey Skies, released August 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Friction 57 New Jersey

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